The past year has brought many personal and professional changes, leading to a full wipe and renewed direction for this site.

Article Author
Joel Longie is a designer and software developer living in sunny Arizona.
October 20th, 19 - 1 min read

Starting Again

If you've visited this site before you might notice a few rather dramatic changes. I deleted the content of my old coding blog and am starting over with a clean slate. A blank canvas and fresh start which better reflects my current professional trajectory.

I haven't been known for my consistent content creation, especially if I'm not passionate about the subject matter. When I started feeling obligated to create content to appease an algorithm instead of researching things I loved, I knew it was time to blow it all up and start over. I ultimately want this to be a useful space for me to help document and examine ideas.

Professional Development

So in the spirit of experimentation I would like to let this site grow in whatever direction it ends up going. I have no set agenda for the site other than to explore ideas in the areas of design, development, and tech. I also plan on using this as a place to house research and personal development commitments for the university I work for.

I hope that this will not only be a useful tool for me, but that future content will prove useful to others as well.

Site Design

The current design of the site is intentionally minimalistic. I don't want the design of the site to impede or distract from focusing on content. Instead of worrying about finding the perfect photos or visual presentation, I would rather spend that energy challenging myself to delve deeper into complex topics.

However, I know the designer in me will eventually start tweaking the visual feel of the site sooner or later. I am attempting to avoid perfectionism and take a more organic philosophy with the design and view it as a continual "work in progress", with a focus on simplicity.