Gulp Build System Fundamentals

Gulp Build System Part 1: Fundamentals

If in the past you have ever been intimidated or confused trying to set up a front-end build system you are not alone. A few years ago I had my first introduction to the process watching a video series on YouTube about Grunt.


How to add SublimeLinter and JSHint to Sublime Text

In this short video you will learn how to add SublimeLinter and JSHint to the extremely popular Sublime Text editor. One of the tools essential for enforcing good JavaScript code habits is JSHint.  JSHint is a forked version of JSLint originally created by Douglas Crockford. As Crockford once said at a Google Tech Talk that …

Sketch 3 Stroke Video

Mac Sketch 3: Stroke Width Workaround

UPDATE: Since this video, Bohemian Coding has removed “stroke width” as a path option.  Hopefully they will fix this feature and reintroduce it into the program. This quick tip will look at one ways to achieve great looking line width when illustrating characters in Mac Sketch 3 by Bohemian Coding. Check out the original illustration used …

Desert Zen Image Composite

Desert Zen Photoshop Compositing

A Photoshop break down video from my image “Desert Zen”. I recently took a photo of a stoic heron at the riparian center thought it might make for a interesting image with the right background.  Last week I then had to head out to Saguaro Lake Marina and found the perfect mountain backdrop for the image.  It was a fun …