angry cabbage

Angry Cabbage

No one likes to smell like cabbage, not even a cabbage.  I wish I have some clever backstory for this one, but I think this ornery little guy speaks for himself.

Cat has a bad hair day

Crazy Hair Day

This illustration was originally created for a YouTube demo to demonstrate an issue I was having creating variable line widths. I originally created this with without his crazy hair but my son suggested that I turn him into a lion who was having a crazy hair day. I liked the idea but instead of creating …

Franky hits hard times illustration

Hard Times In Monster Town

This dark cartoon is one of my favorites old illustrations.  October 2009 (the height of the great recession) was a scary time.  People all over the country were losing their jobs in mass and so many people I knew personally were facing uncertain times.  Once prosperous middle-class families seemed to be descending into poverty. Since Halloween was on the horizon …