March 2016 Site and Video Updates

Hey everyone!

I wanted to post a quick update and let you know a few things I have planned for the near future.

If you noticed I have done a few cosmetic upgrades on the site including redoing the index page and sidebar for a cleaner design. I also added a few new pages such as my new Resource Repo and The Great JavaScript Expedition: A Resource For Learning JavaScript. Both pages will soon be filling up with a bunch of stuff I think you guys will like.

Content creation is also at the top of my list of priorities for the rest of 2016.  Its always been a challenge trying to carve out time as a freelancer to produce good quality video content.  Coding how-to videos in particular take a huge amount of time to create.  However for the rest of this year I hope to start amping up a more consistent schedule of video and really expand into this area further.

Last and definitely least I have finally created an About Me page. I’ll warn you ahead of time, its long and likely way more then anyone is interested to know about me. In my own defense it’s actually really hard to know what to write about yourself. After attempting to be clever, then pithy, I finally gave up and just threw it all out there. So if you feel like torturing your eyeballs for a bit then check it out.

It’s going to be a busy 2016!

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    1. Hi Zooboole. Thanks for the encouragement. I just hope I can pull it off. I would rather build stuff then create content, but creating content is really important. It will be a challenge 🙂

    2. Content is very important. I recently had to slow down the dev phase in order to make some content. It’s vital for the website and users. I believe development and designing is part of us, we can do at anytime. I finally believe in evolving website than a finite one.

  1. Very excited for what’s to come, your videos were instrumental in getting my gulp set up going. Also enjoyed the about me page, found it quite clever and you have a very unique and interesting story. Can’t wait! Thanks Joel.

    1. Thanks Daniel, I really appreciate that. I hope I don’t disappoint, I’m still experimenting with this video stuff 🙂

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