The Great JavaScript Expedition A Resource For JavaScript Adventurers

Learning JavaScript for the first time, especially if you are a new programer can be a challenge. While JavaScript has become notorious for its “Bad Parts” those days have quickly faded into the past.

Most complaints from newcomers to the language are actually not about the language itself but from frustration working with the DOM. Although JavaScript interacts with the DOM the DOM itself is not part of JavaScript. There are also more abstract concepts such as hoisting, closures and prototypes that may trip up some people who expect JavaScript to behave like previous languages they may have encountered. When learning JavaScript I would encourage you to have a beginners mindset. Gaining a solid understanding of these concepts have personally transformed me from a JavaScript hater into truly loving the expressive nature of the language.

Below is a list of some of my favorite resources for learning JavaScript. I will keep this list up to date as a resource for people hoping to learn what many consider to be “The Most Important Programming Language to learn”.

Enjoy your journey!

Beginners JavaScript Books

Advanced JavaScript Books


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