Gulp Build System Part 3: Gulp File

In part three of this series we will create our actual build using the following Node.js modules: gulp-plumber, gulp-uglify, browser-sync, gulp compass, gulp-autoprefixer, del, gulp-rename. We will also set up tasks for css, compass-sass, javascript, html, browser-sync and show how to run gulp tasks in sequence for our final build.

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  1. Hi! I have a problem with the build
    $ gulp build
    [10:01:50] Using gulpfile D:\OpenServer\domains\localhost\gulp.local\gulpfile.js
    [10:01:50] Starting ‘build:cleanfolder’…

    but writing so

    // task to create build directory for all files
    gulp.task(‘build:copy’, function() {
    return gulp.src(‘app/**/*/’)

    works well, what’s the problem? new information is difficult to understand.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for this gem. It is my first step into gulp, compass, ruby, etcetera .. It is all new, but this series a a good introduction to all that.
    I installed breakpoint and susy through bower, but it gave errors with the style files from your github repo. The following solves that.

    file: _variables | line 14
    $break-menu : 767 ….. no unit

    file: _typography | line 123
    @include breakpoint(600) … no units

    I hope this may help somebody

    1. Hi Daniel, I haven’t run into a problem with the units but great suggestion for those that do. Thanks

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