October GitHub Updates 2017

Just a quick Github update. I upgraded superCell to all the latest packages as well as uploaded a few older starter builds for those interested.

One that might be of interest was an advanced Webpack setup (dustDevil) for React I did last year I planned for a new YouTube series. It includes Hot Module Reloading, code-splitting, optimized production builds, a dev-server proxy to a separate API server and a bunch of other cool techniques.

I never ended up doing the Webpack YouTube series due to time commitments and the release of ‘create-react-app’. Facebook has created an excellent CLI to get you up and running with React without really needing to know how Webpack works under the hood. I still use a version of this dustDevil system for my personal projects, but I can see the appeal of ‘create-react-app’.

I also uploaded a WordPress starter, an Express starter for multi-page apps, as well as an example Node authorization system with passport.

This will probably be my last updates on these older projects. The issue I am having is that when I create videos on YouTube I need that code to stay ‘as-is’ so that people can follow along with the videos. Since I use versions of these boilerplates for my own projects I need to continuously update and modify them to the point that within a few weeks they no longer resemble the original source code. As you can imagine I get complaints from people when the code on GitHub doesn’t match the videos.

To remedy this problem I keep my personal versions on BitBucket and Gitlab where I can update them as my needs change. This way we are all happy.

One last thing to note, I have not been consistent in my naming of projects on GitHub. From now on projects that are related to videos will have a more generic name. I’m not sure what that will look like yet, but it will better reflect that it is locked in time and related to a video. Future projects will be named more appropriately to reflect their actual open-source status. And yes, I have some awesome things coming very soon!

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